our mission:

Our Mission at Gainesville Pain Management is to train patients with chronic pain due to injury, degenerative conditions, or other physical ailments. We believe that no one should have to live in pain or be limited from having the life they once knew.  

We pride ourselves on being affordable, caring and confidential, as well as understanding and treat patients with the respect and concern they deserve.


OUR Physicians

  • Dr. Matthew Britton

    General Preventative Medicine, Certified Inector Botox/Juvederm, Educated at Ohio State University College of Medicine, SMA, AMA, and AAFP Board Certified, and over 30 years of experience.

    Dr. Sharon Thompson

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Board - Certified Physiatrist, Rutgers Medical School Educated, AAPM&R, CMA, and LACMA Certified.


on-site testing and diagnostics

We Offer the Following On-site Medical Diagnostic Testing:

• Autonomic Nervous System Testing -

• Electroencephalography - Is useful for evaluating patients with: axiety, headaches, dizziness, major depression, memory loss, seizures, sleep deprivation, post-concussion syndrome, adhd, stroke, ptsd, nervousness, and acute reaction stress/pain

• Muskuloskeletal Ultrasounds - Help in diagnosing: inflammation, neck, mid back, and/or lubosacral pain, tendon tears, malingering, ligament tears, muscle injuries, sprains/strains, fibrous scars, hyperflexion/hypertension injury, and nerve root area inflammation.

• Nerve Conduction Studies and EMG's - Are useful in evaluating patients with: herniated disks, thoracic outlet syndrome, peripheral neropathies, radiculopatihies, numbness and tingling, trauma to nerves, pain the the extremities, atrophy, motor/snesonry deficits, entrapment neruopathies, neuritis, and hot/cold sensations.

• Vascular Studies - Are useful for patients whom have extremity inflammation and/or pain and will help diagnose and detect disorders such as: deep vein thrombosis, diabetes, smoking, and cardiovascular disease.